Do you want to internationalize your business and reach new markets in Latin America?

Asenzo specializes in opening doors in Latin America and internationalizing businesses related to HVAC parts Industryfor both the OEM market and aftermarket. More than 45 years of experience and an extensive network of distributors in the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Export is possible!

In Asenzo we support the internationalization of manufacturers , we open markets, we increase their production in a fast, efficient and programmed way without affecting their cost structure and final price to the end user. We facilitate the  export process, reaching all of America thanks to our channels in all the countries  we operate.



We help with sales planning, we offer alternatives for product consolidation in our warehouse in the Colon free zone in Panama, and we will support you on all the export procedures necessary to penetrate new markets

To increase your sales

Our unique and innovative business model allows us to internationalize the best manufacturers and bring their products to their natural markets throughout the Americas.

We are your strategical ally, we are your export department, we are Asenzo.

Concentrating efforts Achieving goals

Common questions

What does it mean to be a Strategic Ally?
Asenzo is the strategic ally for manufacturers who trusted our new business model. We become their export department, in order to bring products to their natural markets without affecting product price at their final destinationBy handling stock of parts in our warehouses Panama, we can easily place products we handle in the hands of current or potential customers/distributors.
What do they mean by internationalizing?
Business internationalization is the process of expansion beyond its borders to seek and penetrate new markets. A process that requires planning, determination, time and resources.

Asenzo has consolidated a network of Distributors worldwide that will make this process quick and safe.

Then, internationalizing is nothing more than selling products outside your home country?

Internationalization is a long-term process. Asenzo speeds up these processes thanks to our experience of more than 45 years taking the best products to our distributors and wholesalers network. We a proven Method and structure so we can establish brands in new markets and open new opportunities to grow businesses

Asenzo. Concentrando esfuerzos

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